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List of Submissions

1.            Prof Ted Maddess

2.            Confidential

3.            Confidential

4.            Phillip Whiley

5.            Nicole Bryce

6.            Amanda Spurdle

7.            Mark Graham

8.            Melanie Bahlo


10.          The Magic Pudding Company

11.          Michael Parsons

12.          Ailsa Rayner

13.a        Academic Unit of General Practice, ANUMedicalSchool (Submission)

13.b        Academic Unit of General Practice, ANUMedicalSchool (Attachment)

14.          Council of AustralianUniversity Librarians

15.          Dr Melinda Fitzgerald

16.          Prof Lin Fritschi

17.          School of Human Movement Studies, University of Queensland

18.          Bellberry Limited

19.          Andrew Lew

20.          The Hospital Research Foundation

21.          John Wentworth

22.          Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd

23.          Schizophrenia Research Institute

24.          Bruce G. Livett

25.          Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

26.          Hsin-Hao Yu

27.          Jan Kaslin

28.          David Vaux

29.          Regenerative Neuroscience Group, Brain and Mind Research Institute

30.          RoyalAustralasianCollege of Physicians

31.          Sarah Best

32.          A/Prof Michael Lawrence

33.          Seth Masters

34.          Discipline of General Practice, University of Sydney

35.          Melinda Hardy

36.          Vibeke Catts

37.          Comparative Genomics Centre, JamesCookUniversity

38.          Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, DeakinUniversity

39.          Dr Marcello Rosa

40.          Dr Miranda Ween

41.          Prof Sarah Dunlop

42.          James Bourne

43.          Monash School of Nursing and Midwifery Research Committee

44.          Confidential

45.          MenziesSchool of Health Research

46.          Prof Rob Richards

47.          Faculty of Radiation Oncology, RANZCR

48.          Nicole Cloonan

49.          Prof David Findlay

50.          Australasian Sleep Association

51.          Dr Tim Thomas

52.          Dr Mathew P Dafilis

53.          Neuroscience Research Australia

54.          Terence Speed

55.          Prof Allan Spigelman

56.          James Murphy

57.          Ian Majewski

58.          A/Prof James Brock

59.          The CASS Foundation Limited

60.          Prof Jerry M Adams

61.          Westmead Research Hub Westmead Millennium Institute

62.          Austin Health

63.          PhD Students of Florey Neuroscience Institutes

64.          Monash Institute of Medical Research Advisory Board

65.          A/Prof Gerald Atkins

66.          Australian Rural Health Education Network

67.          The Lowitja Institute

68.          Marthe D'Ombrain

69.          Confidential

70.          Leo Lui

71.          Andre Tan

72.          Parkinson's Australia

73.          CRC for Mental Health

74.a        Research Australia (Submission)

74.b        Research Australia (Attachments)

75.          Australian Health Economics Society

76.          NSW Ministry of Health

77.          Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand

78.          Prof Helena Teede

79.          Neuroscience Society of Australia and New Zealand

80.          Prof Martin Pera

81.          Centres for Health Research PrincessAlexandraHospital

82.          Patient Based Care Clinical Excellence Commission

83.          Hobart Women's Health Centre

84.          Pacific Strategy Partners

85.          Dr Nicholas Wong

86.          Prof Nicholas Graves, A/Prof Adrian Barnett & Prof Philip Clarke

87.          Ivan E Ng

88.          Jenny Gunnersen

89.          Julian Heng

90.          Population Health Research Network WA

91.a        Australian Association of Gerontology (Submission)

91.b        Australian Association of Gerontology (Attachment)

92.a        Ruth MacKinnon (Submission)

92.b        Ruth MacKinnon (Attachment 1)

92.c        Ruth MacKinnon (Attachment 2)

92.d        Ruth MacKinnon (Attachment 3)

93.          Rebecca Stewart

94.          Ron G King

95.          Louella McCarthy

96.          University of Western Australia

97.          Peter Czabotar

98.          Krystal Evans

99.          Bridge8 Pty Ltd

100.        Matthew Sweet

101.        Rachel Uren

102.        Jonathan Niclis

103.        University of Western Australia Researchers' Association

104.        DNDi Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative

105.        Public Health Research Advisory Group (PHAA)

106.        Confidential

107.        Confidential

108.        Medicines Australia

109.        Mater Medical Research Institute

110.        Royal Women's Hospital

111.        Crohns & Colitis Australia

112.        Cochrane Collaboration in Australia

113.        Miranda Smith

114.a      Consumers Health Forum of Australia

114.b      Consumers Health Forum of Australia (Letter) 

114.c      Consumers Health Forum of Australia (Supplementary Submission)

115.        Sansom Institute for Health Research

116.        Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health

117.        Queensland University of Technology

118.        Nadia Rosenthal

119.        James Cook University

120.        National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

121.        Elizabeth Foley

122.        Cancer Council NSW

123.a      GlaxoSmithKline Australia (Letter)

123.b      GlaxoSmithKline Australia (Submission)

124.        Zhi-Ping Feng

125.        John Thompson

126.        AustralianCollege of Midwives

127.        Confidential

128.        St Vincent's & Mater Health Sydney

129.        University of Western Sydney

130.        Confidential

131.        Australian Association for Academic Primary Care

132.        Centre for Palliative Care

133.        GriffithUniversity Office for Research

134.        Women's Health West

135.        Medical Technology Association of Australia

136.        Western Australian Institute for Medical Research

137.        Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia

138.        Dr Sheila Dias and Dr Erika Cretney

139.        AustralianAcademy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

140.        WEHI Gender Equity Committee

141.        The Kirby Institute

142.        Heart Foundation

143.        Cystic Fibrosis Australia

144.        Prince Henry's Institute

145.        Dr Anne L Abbott

145.a      Dr Anne L Abbott (Attachment 1

145.b      Dr Anne L Abbott (Attachment 2)

145.c       Dr Anne L Abbott (Attachment 3)

145.d       Dr Anne L Abbott (Attachment 4)

145.e       Dr Anne L Abbott (Attachment 5)

146.        Australasian Council of Dental Schools

147.        Royal College of Nursing

148.        Human Variome Project International Limited

149.        Alcidion Corporation Pty Ltd

150.        Priscilla Auyeung

151.        Cancer Council Victoria

152.        Medical Device Partnering Program

153.        Medicines for Malaria Venture

154.        Australian Democrats

155.        Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

156.        Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

157.a      Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

157.b       Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Supplementary Submission

158.        School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

159.        National Ageing Research Institute

160.        Florey Neuroscience Institutes

161.        Centre for Eye Research Australia

162.        Dr Andrew Rayfield

163.        Lions Eye Institute

164.        Institute for Breathing and Sleep

165.        Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute

166.        Paul Ekert

167.        SIDS and Kids Australia

168.        Stroke Division Florey Neuroscience Institutes

169.        University of Technology Sydney

170.        Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

171.        ithreeinstitute University of Technology Sydney

172.        Dr Oksana Holubowycz

173.a      David Trevaks (Submission)

173.b      David Trevaks (Attachment)

174.        Paediatric Trials Network Australia

175.a      Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (Letter)

175.b      Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (Submission)

176.        Dr Anthony Hannan

177.        Clare Morgan

178.        The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Murdoch Children's Research Institute & The University of Melbourne

179.        Confidential

180.        Kim Jacobson

181.        ME CFS Australia (Victoria)

182.        Confidential

183.        Faculty of Health Sciences Flinders University

184.        Jee Hyun Kim

185.        Cooperative Research Centres Association

186.        Heads of Academic Paediatric Units of Australia

187.        Australian Society of Microbiology

188.        National Stroke Foundation

189.        Queensland Institute of Medical Research

190.        Australian Lung Health Alliance

191.        Climate and Health Alliance

192.        Rowena Sannang

193.        Research Committee School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

194.        Medical Research Commercialisation Fund

195.        Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research

196.        ACON (formerly the AIDS Council of NSW)

197.        Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australia

198.        Prof James Best

199.        Cancer Council Australia and Clinical Oncological Society of Australia

200.        Dr Frances Cunningham

201.        Cancer Council Western Australia

202.        Society for Reproductive Biology

203.        The HEARing CRC

204.        Prof Ian Wicks

205.        WEHI Postdoctoral Association

206.        Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research

207.        PhD Candidate Communityof AIBN

208.        National Association of Research Fellows

209.        Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

210.        MS Research Australia

211.        National LGBTI Health Alliance

212.        Australasian Epidemiological Association

213.        Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

214.        Health and Medical Research Alliance

215.        Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia

216.        Ariel Achtman

217.        Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

218.        CSIRO

219.a      Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes

219.b      Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes - Supplementary submission  

220.        Institute for Molecular Bioscience

221.        Clinical Oncological Society of Australia and Cancer Council Australia

222.        National Health and Medical Research Council

223.        RSI and Overuse Injury Association ACT

224.        Therapeutic Innovation Australia QLD Node

225.        Leigh Coultas

226.        South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

227.        Community members of CCAC UWASPH and TICHR

228.        Australian Women's Health Network

229.        Research group leaders Department of Microbiology MU

230.        Dr David Abbott

231.        NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

232.        Northern Territory Government Department of Health

233.        Australasian Research Management Society

234.        Therapeutic Innovation Australia

235.        Prof Nigel G Laing

236.        Monash University

237.        Western Australian Government Department of Health

238.a      Telethon Institute for Child Health Research

238.b      Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Supplementary Submission 1 

238.c      Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Supplementary Submission 2 

239.        SpinalCure Australia

240.        Confidential

241.        Prof Robin McAllen

242.        Andrew Kewley

243.        Confidential

244.        Centre for Women's Health, Gender and Society, MSPH

245.        Prof Anne Kavanagh

246.        UQ Faculties of Science EAIT & UQ Institutes (QBI, AIBN, UQDI & AIBN)

247.        Dr Tony Sahama

248.        The Sax Institute

249.        Policy Cures

250.        Richard Boyd

251.        Prof Jennifer Martin

252.        Dr Diane Lester

253.        Australian Genome Research Facility

254.        Prof John Matthews

255.        Greta Gillies

256.        Jean Hailes Research Unit (SPHP)

257.        Australian National Data Service

258.        University of South Australia

259.        Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

260.        ACT Health Directorate Research Office

261.        Melbourne Health Research Community

262.        Faculty of Health Sciences University of Queensland

263.        SA Health (South Australian Government)

264.        Australian Society for Medical Research

265.        Prof John Rasko

266.        Alzheimer's Australia

267.        School of Nursing & Midwifery University of Queensland

268.        University of Sydney

269.        Osteoporosis Australia

270.        Universities Australia

271.        Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

272.        State & Territory managers of cancer screening programs

273.        Confidential

274.        Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group

275.        Australian Academy of Science

276.        Australian Early-Mid Career Researcher Forum (AAScience)

277.        Ms Areti Gavrilidis and Dr Sianna Panagiotopoulos

278.        National Rural Health Alliance

279.        Royal Perth Hospital

280.a      Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (Letter)

280.b      Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (Submission)

281.        Cancer Trials Australia

282.        Family Planning NSW

283.        Arthritis Australia and Australian Rheumatology Association

284.        St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research

285.        Australian National Preventive Health Agency

286.        Dr Ashley Ng

287.        Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

288.        DrinkWise Australia

289.        Australian Research Council

290.a      Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (Submission)

290.b      Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (Attachment)

291.        Children's Cancer Institute Australia

292.        BioMelbourne Network

293.        University of Melbourne

294.        Diabetes Australia

295.        Health Issues Centre

296         Cris Kerr Case Health  

297.        Prof Allan Spigelman

298.        Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

299.        Australian Medical Association

300.        Dennis Crowley

301.        The Group of Eight Limited

302.        Confidential

303.        Confidential

304.        Bioplatforms Australia

305.a      Bio21 Cluster Summary

305.b      Bio21 Cluster

306.        CSL Limited

307.        Health Issues Centre

308.        Stefan Broer

309.        Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

310.        Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

311.        University of New South Wales

312.        The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia

313.        Garvan Institute of Medical Research

314.        Medical Oncology Group of Australia

315.        Ovarian Cancer Australia

316.        Southern Health

317.        Professor Roland De Marco

318.        University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

319.        National Committee for Biomedical Sciences

320.        Ian Smyth

321.        Peter Oliver

322.        Victorian Government

323.        Sebastian Rosenberg

324.        Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Dept of Research

325.        Humane Research Australia Inc.

326.        Nancy-Louise McCullough

327.        The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand

328.        Confidential

329.a      Mike Foale

329.b      Mike Foale (Attachment 1) 

330.        UniQuest Pty Ltd

331.        Dr Merridee Wouters

332.        J A Golembiewski

333.a      Dr Tim Leahy

333.b      Dr Tim Leahy (Attachment 1)

333.c      Dr Tim Leahy (Attachment 2)

333.d      Dr Tim Leahy (Attachment 3)  

334.        The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance

335.        Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank

336.        Cancer Voices NSW

337.        Anne Cahill Lambert

338.        Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education 

339.        Ellen Bryce

340.        The Australasian Genomics Technologies Association

341.        Australasian Biospecimen Network Association

342.        Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research

343.        Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery  

344.a       Professor David Penington 

344.b       Professor David Penington (Attachment 1)

344.c       Professor David Penington (Attachment 2)

344.d       Professor David Penington (Attachment 3)

344.e       Professor David Penington (Attachment 4)

344.f        Professor David Penington (Attachment 5)

344.g       Professor David Penington (Attachment 6)

345.        Robert Cann 

346.        Richard Polkinghorn

347.        A/Prof John Bekkers

348.        National Tertiary Education Union

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