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Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia

Review Panel: Private Meeting 6

Update: 2 May 2012

The Panel of the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia (the Review) held its sixth private meeting on Wednesday 2 May 2012 in Melbourne.

The Panel called for written submissions in early February 2012, with submissions due by 30 March 2012. During this time, over 300 high-quality and very useful submissions were received.

Public consultations commenced in mid April 2012 with private stakeholder consultations in Hobart, followed by a public meeting, on 18 April 2012 which was attended by about 30 people. The following day, private stakeholder consultations and a public meeting were held in Canberra, with about 50 people attending the public meeting.

The Panel held private stakeholder consultations and a public meeting in Melbourne on 1 and 2 May 2012, and about 170 people participated in the public session.

Both the private stakeholder consultations and the public meetings brought forth diverse, interesting and important issues for the Panel to consider, with some common themes already emerging.

The Panel's remaining public meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Darwin : 8 May 2012 2.00 pm in the Signatures Room, CrownePlazaDarwin, 32 Mitchell Street
  • Brisbane : 29 May 2012 2.00 pm & venue TBA
  • Adelaide : 5 June 2012 (afternoon) time & venue TBA
  • Perth : 6 June 2012 (afternoon) time & venue TBA
  • Sydney : 5 July 2012 (afternoon) time & venue TBA

Information about times and venues for each city will be posted on the Review website ( and confirmation emails sent to all people who have email addresses registered with the review.

For logistics and planning purposes, the Panel urges all individual stakeholders and organisations, interested in attending the public meetings, to register their interest on the Review website.

The Panel is to provide a report to the Australian Government in late 2012 which will include recommendations for a 10-year, national, strategic health and medical research plan. At its most recent private meeting, the Panel decided to decided to release a discussion draft of its report later in the year, prior to finalising its recommendations to Government .

The Panel's next private meeting is planned for late May 2012 in Brisbane.

The terms of reference for the review are provided on .

Simon McKeon

Panel Members
The members of the expert panel are:

  • Mr Simon McKeon (Chair)
  • Ms Elizabeth Alexander AM
  • Professor Henry Brodaty AO
  • Mr Bill Ferris AC
  • Professor Ian Frazer
  • Professor Melissa Little
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