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Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia

Review Panel: Private Meeting 8

Update: 6 July 2012

The Panel of the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia held its 8th private meeting over a three-day period in Sydney, from Tuesday 3 July to Thursday 5 July 2012.

During that time, it also held its final public meeting as well as further private stakeholder consultations.

The Panel commenced a series of public meetings in mid-April and these have now been held in every capital city. The private stakeholder consultations have also involved 71 meetings, covering some 172 different stakeholder groups, and more than 200 individuals.

The information gathered during the public and private meetings has been added to the information presented in the 340 submissions received, and the Panel's report is now being prepared.

It is expected that an exposure draft of the report will be released for public comment some time in September.

The Panel is to provide a report to the Australian Government in late 2012 which will include recommendations for a 10-year, national, strategic health and medical research plan.

The Panel's next private meeting is scheduled for mid July 2012 in Sydney.

The terms of reference for the review are provided on

Simon McKeon

Panel Members
The members of the expert panel are:

  • Mr Simon McKeon AO (Chair)
  • Ms Elizabeth Alexander AM
  • Professor Henry Brodaty AO
  • Mr Bill Ferris AC
  • Professor Ian Frazer AC
  • Professor Melissa Little


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