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2 November 2011

On 2 November 2011, the Panel established to conduct an independent review of health and medical research in Australia (the Review) held its first meeting in Melbourne.

The Panel discussed the Review scope and terms of reference. The terms of reference for the review are outlined below.

The Panel agreed on the outline for a plan of action for the conduct of the Review as well as areas of responsibility for members, in keeping with their areas of expertise.

Stakeholder consultation will be critical to the Review, and there will a broad range of consultations to ensure stakeholders are able to engage in the process. As part of its consultation processes, the Panel committed to call for public submissions in early 2012. The Panel will be supported by an independent Secretariat and will also undertake additional commissioned work, host jurisdictional and targeted consultations, and thematic workshops.

It is expected that the final report, including recommendations for a 10 year strategic health and medical research plan for the nation, will be released in late 2012.

The next Panel meeting will be held in early December and further details on stakeholder consultation processes will be released following the meeting.

Simon McKeon

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