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Review Panel: Private Meeting 3

Update: 1 February 2012

The Panel of the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia (the Review) held its third private meeting on 1 February 2012 in Sydney.
The Panel will make a public call for submissions in the national print media on Saturday 4 February 2012, with submissions due by 30 March 2012.
Submissions should be forwarded to the Panel through the Review's website portal at from 4 February onwards.
Public consultations will commence in late April 2012 and continue through until July. Consultations are planned for each capital city of Australia and it is expected that both private meetings with major stakeholders and a public workshop with stakeholders, including members of the public, will be held in each city. A list of dates and places will be announced shortly.
The Panel has commissioned a series of background research papers including work on: (1) tracking outcomes of recommendations made by previous reviews; (2) a desktop review of global perspectives on health and medical research funding and priorities; and (3) a desktop review of cost/benefit analyses of investment in health and medical research in Australia and internationally.
The Panel will provide a report to the Australian Government in late 2012 which will include recommendations for a 10-year, national, strategic health and medical research plan.
The next Panel meeting is planned for early March 2012 in Brisbane, following which further details on stakeholder consultation processes will be released.
The terms of reference for the review are outlined here.
Simon McKeon

Panel Members
The members of the expert panel are:

  • Mr Simon McKeon (Chair)
  • Ms Elizabeth Alexander AM
  • Professor Henry Brodaty AO
  • Mr Bill Ferris AC
  • Professor Ian Frazer
  • Professor Melissa Little

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